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Sparsholt Parish Council - How To Get Involved, Term & Vacancies

Councillors meet approximately every month to discuss local planning applications, care of the Council's assets (including Sparsholt Cemetery, the village green & the bus shelter) and to report on local concerns such as highways, footpaths, flooding, local transport and changes in local government policy.

Sparsholt Parish Council comprises 5 Councillors and employs a Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO). A 'term of office' lasts for 4 years, after which elections are held should more than 5 people stand. Vacancies for both Councillors & Clerk can arise at any time however, and will be listed below and on the village noticeboards.

The Vale of White Horse District Council area holds elections once every four years, the term of office being four years. At the end of the term (next in May 2019) all councillors have to stand for election. In Sparsholt parish we may only have the same number of nominations as seats which means a contested election does not have to be held, this means that those who stand may be elected uncontested but their term of office still officially comes to an end and a new term starts.

The maximum term of office for a councillor is four years, they may be re-elected and serve another four years and so on. Some councillors have served their community for 30+ years but they have to be re-elected every four years.

The term of office for a Chairman is one year, they may be re-elected again and again but they do have to stand each year, if another councillor stands against them then there can be an election for that post. 

If you are interested in becoming involved in Sparsholt Parish Council, please contact the Clerk.

Contact details for the clerk can be found <here>.

Current Vacancies