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Signpost March 2024

on Fri, 01/03/2024 - 12:00am

Message from Paul Thompson 
If we had a pound for every time we have heard people giving sermons in church 
talking about ‘being on a journey’ we would all be better off than we are! However, 
at this time of the Christian year I think the often used phrase is genuinely 
appropriate. By the time this Signpost is delivered to you we will already be two 
or three weeks into Lent, that season that perhaps we are not always entirely 
sure what to do with. Are we going to give something up, or take something new 
on? Either approach can be good, but the purpose of both of the approaches is 
to make space in our lives so that we can know Jesus better. New reading and 
study, either alone or in the Lent groups that are taking place in the benefice, may 
help us with that aim.  
But over the shorter period from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday we can be 
more personally involved in Jesus’ journey to the cross. Across the benefice there 
are services each day to take us from the Last Supper, through Good Friday 
desolation to a triumphant resurrection on Easter Day. 
Perhaps our best Lenten resolution is to walk with Jesus on that journey together.