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Signpost & Church services - Sept 2023

on Fri, 01/09/2023 - 1:00pm

Dear Friends, 

As summer comes to an end, we anticipate the new academic year and the 
beginning of autumn. As a child, September would also mean going to both school 
assembly and church, clutching harvest offerings of fruit and vegetables from the 
garden. The church would be decorated with sheaves of corn and harvest loaves 
of bread and we would sing ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ as if we had all 
personally done so! Times change and now we tend to take tins and packets to 
donate to the local food bank. However, the celebration of harvest is still an 
important marker in our year. It is the annual pause to celebrate our good fortune, 
to come together as a community and give thanks to God for the many gifts he 
has showered upon us.  

Harvest Festivals also remind us not to take our food, homes, families, 
community, and planet for granted. As the gospels put it: ‘to whom much is given, 
of him much will be required’. This prompts me to remember that I should always 
be ready to share what I have, no matter how little or how much, because it’s only 
by sharing that we can all flourish as a community. There are those around us that 
are hungry, homeless, anxious and lonely and, when we ‘count our blessings’ as 
my Granny would have said, it can motivate us to reach out to them, either in 
monetary terms (via charities and aid organisations) or in practical ways. Details of 
the Harvest Festival Services in each of our benefice churches are in this edition 
of Signposts – We look forward to welcoming you! 

Gill Thompson : Anna Chaplain

Download a PDF copy of 'Signpost' at the link below.


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