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Signpost & Church services - May 2023

on Sun, 02/04/2023 - 1:00pm

Download a PDF copy of 'Signpost' at the link below.

Revd Ness Brunner-Ellis
[email protected]
Tel: 01235 76925
Mobile: 07721 437316

It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to move into the beauty of the Ridgeway Benefice. We’ve had a wonderful welcome – hampers, cards, good wishes; thank you so much.

At my second Sunday service here, we were thinking about where we can encounter God. The Rectory garden is a very special haven of natural beauty and in moments when I need to remind myself of God’s presence, I can wander around the garden. Every day and every moment out there presents something new and beautiful to see - buds, flowers, reeds, moss and nests, as well as something beautiful to hear – birdsong, flowing water, flying insects. However we may feel, and whatever may be happening in our lives, nature offers us an array of beauty on which we can reflect and be grateful for. It’s a very precious gift given to us.

Next month we’re invited and encouraged to support the national GBGW – the Great Big Green Week, from 10th to 18th June, tackling climate change and protecting nature. Please do contact me if you’re interested in knowing more!