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Ridgeway Benefice Signpost July 2024

on Mon, 01/07/2024 - 12:00am

Message from Paul Thompson


God commands us to rest. That is perhaps one of the less remarked upon of the Ten Commandments. In commandment number four we are given six days to do our work and the seventh day is the Sabbath, a day of rest, not just for ourselves, but also for everyone in the community.

The modern world just doesn’t work like that though, does it?

Even those of us who come to church on a Sunday might be expecting to pop out to the shops to get something for lunch, or we might be expecting a parcel delivery in the afternoon. But one thing the modern world is quite good at is offering us choice. We don’t all have to take our rest at the same time any more. The one thing that we all do have to do is take a rest at some time.

In Deuteronomy 5 the Israelites are reminded of their time of slavery in Egypt, and therefore everyone, including their servants, must have rest on the Sabbath. In Exodus 20 the Sabbath is said to mirror the seventh day of creation when God rested; so by taking a day of rest we are imitating God. Empathy and fairness on the one hand, following a divine example on the other.

Whenever you take your rest there is always the chance of spending some of that time with Jesus, by praying, reading the Bible or meeting with other Christians, whether that is on a Sunday or another day. We have some choices (see them in Signpost). However, we all must take a bit of time off to recharge, because after all, another six days of work is on its way!