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Sparsholt - Cemetery Rules & Charges


All graves shall be double depth.

Save for the initial surcharge of dug soil and the replacement of grass sods, all graves must be flat with no kerbstones, picket fences or similar raised surrounding features placed on or around the grave.

Headstones shall be simple; Portland stone if possible and not over 3 feet high. No black headstones or headstones of near black/dark grey colour shall be permitted. A colour picture of the proposed headstone must be sent to the Council for prior approval before placement. The Clerk will contact councillors for their agreement to the headstone or otherwise.  (No approval will be given on the basis of the name of the colour of the headstone alone.)

Headstones shall not have pictures on or incorporated within them. Lettering shall be simple along the lines of ‘In loving memory of…’ or similar subject to prior approval of Sparsholt Parish Council or the Chairman.

No gravel, stones or wood chippings or similar shall be placed on, in or around the grave.

The surface of the grave shall be grass and no objects of any kind shall be placed anywhere on the surface of the grave or on the headstone other than a single vase for cut flowers. An additional vase may be permitted on receipt of a written request by the Council

Any decorations of a grave, including the placing of growing flowers or plants, shall be subject of approval by the Parish Council on application being made to the Clerk.

The burial of ashes shall be under a flat 18 inch square tablet with name on and set into the ground in the next available space along the eastern boundary of the cemetery.

The cemetery shall be reserved for the burial of residents of Sparsholt Civil Parish, spouses or partners of residents at the time of death and former residents.

All decisions concerning the maintenance and use of Sparsholt cemetery, including any decision permitting a departure from these rules in exceptional circumstances, shall be made by Sparsholt Parish Council.







Plot reservation



Full burial






Burial of ashes



Re-opening of ashes plot



Burial of infants (under 12)

Free of charge

Free of charge




Small Wooden cross



Small vase



Tablet up to 18” x 18”



Other monument



Any inscription added later




NB: Plot reservation fee is payable in addition to interment charges.

*Residents includes any resident whose home address is within the civil parish but who had moved outside the parish for nursing or residential care.

**Former residents refers to residents who had previously lived in the parish for at least 5 consecutive and their spouses or partners at the time of death.

As approved by Sparsholt Parish Council on the 18th April 2018

T. J. Comyn, Chairman