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Increase in charges for non-household waste (DIY) from April 1st 2023

on Tue, 21/03/2023 - 7:18pm

Information about the charges for non-household waste (DIY) at OCC recycling centres.

From 1 April 2023, OCC DIY waste charges are increasing as follows:

  • All charges at £1.50     Increasing to £2
  • Plasterboard bag at £2.50     Increasing to £3.50
  • Plasterboard sheet at £10     No change staying at £10
  • Tyres at £5     Increasing to £6

Until 1 April, the existing prices shown below will remain in place.  All income received helps offset the charges of operating the service.

  • Always think before you throw.
  • Can the item be reused by someone else?
  • If you are unsure, please ask a team member on site, we try to reuse items where possible and avoid landfill and disposal, and have reuse drop off areas on site.

A revised charging scheme has been in place across all sites since 1 October 2017. From 2020 we have also asked for all payments to be made electronically and preferably contactless.

DIY wastes are primarily, but not exclusively, materials generated through construction, alteration/renovation or repair of your property and garden, or items or materials most people would not take with them when moving home e.g., floorboards, guttering, roofing materials, garden shed/greenhouse, raised beds, decking, and fencing etc. There are also charges for car/motorcycle tyres.

DIY wastes as listed below are legally classified as industrial waste and local authorities have no legal obligation to accept it. However, we recognise that residents require a cost-effective solution for the disposal of small amounts of DIY waste.

Where loose/deconstructed items/materials are presented site teams will estimate the overall cost and their estimate will be final.

Key points

  • If you are unable to pay for items, you will not be permitted to deposit them. Please ensure you have the electronic means to pay before travelling to our sites.
  • Larger amounts of waste should be disposed of using local skip services or other commercial organisations.
  • We do not accept any form of commercial or trade waste. This includes any waste originating from a business or charity etc. Waste also becomes commercial waste where payment is made for the works or for transporting it. For example, a bathroom delivered by the householder is accepted, but this should not be brought to site by the plumber or builder who carried out the work and would not be accepted. Waste is also deemed commercial from a man with a van, house removals/clearance companies, landlords bringing tenanted waste or other commercial collection operations offering transportation of waste/goods for a fee.  It also includes waste from any business operated from your home.
  • You will still be able to dispose of all household waste free of charge at any of the county’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

£1.50 per 20 litre bag or equivalent.

Part bags are charged as full so one and a half bags would be £3 for example. Loose material or larger bags will be estimated by our teams on site.

An example of a 20-litre bag is available at all sites for reference or can be found in the following link

Dimensions provided for this are 53.0cm by 46.5cm by 15.5cm.

Please note The team member's decision on charging will be final.  If you feel you have been overcharged let us know.

Chargeable items

Price - per bag/item unless otherwise stated

  • Rubble     £1.50
  • Stome. gravel/sand/cobbles/rocks     £1.50
  • Cement     £1.50
  • Concrete     £1.50
  • Soil/turf     £1.50
  • Roof/wall/floor tiles     £1.50
  • Granite/stoneworktops e.g. kitchen     £1.50
  •  Pavings slabs/stone flooring      £1.50 (1m x 1m or equivalent)
  • Breeze blocks     £1.50 (per two blocks)
  • Bricks     £1.50
  • Concrete drain/sewer pipes     £1.50
  • Concrete fence posts      £1.50  (per each post)
  • Sheet glass     £1.50 per pane up to a size 1m square.
  • Bathroom/kitchen fittings examples – sink, toilet/bidet, cistern (Classed as separate to toilet), bath, shower tray.     £1.50
  • Shower door     £1.50 per door
  • Shower panel     £1.50 (equivalent to size of an internal door)
  • Greenhouse panel     £1.50 (per side for a 6ft by 4ft greenhouse)
  • Loose windowpane     £1.50 included in price of wood, UPVC window
  • Chimney pot     £1.50
  • Plasterboard/plaster     £2.50 per 20 litre bag or part of. £10 per sheet
  • Car/motorbike/small van tyre     £5 per tyre maximum of four
  • Internal and external doors     £1.50
  • Wooden window frames     £1.50
  • Fence panel     £1.50 up to 6ft x 6ft
  • Shed panel     £150 per two posts
  • Fence or other wooden post     £1.50
  • Floorboards/roof boards     £1.50
  • Skirting boards     £1.50
  • Kitchen units     £1.50 per single unit
  • Fitted bathroom units     £1.50
  • Fitted bedroom units     £1.50
  • Fitted bookcases and other fitted furniture     £1.50
  • Fire surrounds     £1.50
  • Garage door     £1.50
  • Timber offcuts/chippings     £1.50 per 20 litre bag
  • Plastic baths/sinks     £1.50
  • Insulation     £1.50 per roll or part of or 2m x 1m sheet
  • Plastic/composite decking     £1.50
  • Cladding     £1.50 per 20 litre bag or if wood or composite per 3m/10ft length
  • Laminate/other engineered flooring     £1.50
  • Roofing felt     £1.50 per roll or 2m by 1m
  • Plastic guttering and piping up to 3m/10ft     £1.50
  • Plastic pond or liner     £1.50
  • Artificial turf     £1.50 2m x 1m
  • Storage heater (radiator type, not portable)     £1.50
  • PVC doors and windows     £1.50

Items we don't accept

  • Tarmac     In all grades and forms
  • Large quantities of material      
  • Heavily contaminated sandbags     For example with oil or sewage
  • Plasterboard mixed with other material e.g. attached to tile or stud wall     For example, attached to tile or stud wall
  • Lorry tyres     
  • Tractor tyres     
  • Commercial plant or machinery tyres     
  • Red or blue pallets     These are commercial and should be returned to the supplier